Taiwan Film Days 2011 – Pinoy Sunday Review and Trailer

Wi Ding Ho‘s mumblecore-esque depiction of a day-in-the-life of a pair of twenty-somethings on the road to self-discovery hit all the right tones.

Dado and Manuel are two Filipino migrant workers who are both flawed in their selfishness and tendencies to womanize, yet strangely, are still likable enough to root for. Both have moved to Taiwan with hopes of making a better life for themselves. After coming across an abandoned couch on the side of the road, the pair make it their mission to haul it back to their group home. Why? Well, because for these two this couch means much more than just a piece of furniture.

This is a couch that will be perched atop their rooftop. It’s where they will kick up their feet and pop open a cold one after a strenuous day at the bicycle factory. Hell, this couch is so sweet the two start contemplating charging fees to the other housemates just for the opportunity to sit in it. The importance of owning this couch means that both Dado and Manuel’s hard work in Taiwan would finally be paying off.

What I enjoyed most about Pinoy Sunday, aside from the fitting and carefree whistling soundtrack, was the display of some of the many characteristics found in the best road trip buddy films. The chemistry between both Dado and Manuel was genuine, making the destination of their trip far less important than the actual journey. In this sense, the film reminded me a lot of an early Jim Jarmusch film, like Stranger Than Paradise, or Permanent Vacation. Tonally, the film was a lot like Jarmusch’s as well. Yes, I’m a big fan of all of Jarmusch’s work, so noticing such likeness was a huge plus for me.

As for the comedy aspect of the film, it never goes into farcical territory, and remains genuine and sincere throughout. I consider it a treat when a film’s two leads who display such selfish, womanizing characteristics can come across as being so likable. I also consider it a treat when a film’s soundtrack gets stuck in my head and it’s a good thing.

Showtimes for Pinoy Sunday:

Saturday, October 15th – 4:00pm (SFFS/New People Cinema – 1746 Post St.)

Sunday, October 16th – 7:00pm (SFFS/New People Cinema – 1746 Post St.)


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