SF Docfest 2011 – Tell Your Friends! A Concert Film Review and Trailer

For those of you looking to spend a night at the comedy club and don’t want to pay that ridiculous 2 to 3 drink minimum charge, or be the butt of some comedian’s shtick, go see this film.  I’d venture to say that the next best thing to seeing a live comedy show would be seeing one on-screen within the lightly intoxicated safety of a Roxie Docfest loving crowd.

Comprising of 7 comedians, including the host, Liam McEaney, this concert film is a straight-up laughfest.  Out of all the highlighted comedians only one was bad, and that’s because he played a guitar.  Not sure what it is about comedians who play guitar and sing their jokes, but I have always found them to be quite obnoxious.  Hey, we’re all entitled to our own sense of humor, right?  If you’re name is not Weird Al (I know he plays the accordion) then I’m just not all that interested in hearing your jokes through song (sorry Jack Black.)

Aside from the one guitar act, the film absolutely did its job in both tickling my funny bones and informing me on the difference between alternative and mainstream humor.  SPOILER ALERT — Turns out there’s really no difference between the two at all — END OF SPOILER

Before seeing this stand-up concert film, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as alternative comedy.  Then again, I don’t necessarily have my ear pressed to the underground comedy scene as strongly as others.  I do know what I find funny, and Tell Your Friends! is really funny.

If you’re willing to ignore the fact that this movie could very easily be a direct-to-cable hour-long special, then you will no doubt have a great time with it, especially amongst a live crowd. Be sure to bring a beer and a healthy sense of humor to this one!

Showtimes for Tell Your Friends! A Concert Film:

Friday, October 21st – 9:30pm (Roxie Theater)

Sunday, October 23rd – 12:30pm (Roxie Theater)

Thursday, October 27th – 9:30pm (Roxie Theater)


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