Taiwan Film Days 2011 – Bear It Review

There are times when the mindless routine of life creates a monster within myself.  I assume and judge with or without any real observation, with or without reason.  I transform into a machine, an automatic simulation of myself.  Spouting toxic venom, bent on destroying all beauty and creativity by assuming that I already know your story.  Pretending that I’ve already tasted your flavor or touched your texture.  Film has the ability to erase all preconceived notions.  By creating a visual story to lead us through emotions and ideas, it is the purest form of expression.  Cheng Fenfen gave me hope in simple movies again.  She reminded me that stories can be uncomplicated with messages of love and as well as being visually breathtaking.

The simplicity, bright colors, and almost “play” acting leads us into a comedic world of teddy bears sent on vacations by their families.  Peter, their travel guide, seems completely content in his world of pretend until an accident leaves him in the hospital and the bears go missing.  Fearful of the consequences for losing his prized cargo, he returns to the families mini-bears in hopes that his somewhat already questionably sane customers will believe his off beat story of shrinkage. Peter’s web of lies launches him into a tangled web with unlikely cohorts in a beautiful story about family, love, loss, and what really matters at the end of it all.

Growing-up films give light to beautiful stories of adventure and love. They teach us simple truths, but meaningful nonetheless. This story brought me back to when things were true and clear. Wrong and right have no grey and the colors popped off the screen as if I could taste them. Senses reel at every new experience and somehow, in the end, you know everything will be okay; everyone will find their place in the story and love will always conquer. This movie brought me back to that happy time – it changed my thoughts to dreams and put a smile on my face. I know that may sound like it came with an order of cheese, but sometimes I think cheesy is the way to go.

Showtimes for Bear It:

Sunday, October 16th, 4:15pm (SFFS/New People Cinema – 1746 Post Street)


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