SF Docfest 2011 – Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians Review and Trailer

Bryan Storkel‘s documentary follows a professional team of blackjack players over a three year period, known as The Church Team.  This group of players have one advantage over both the casinos and any other card counting team – they have Jesus on their side.

Naturally, the hypocrisy between good Christian morals and gambling are a big part of the movie, with the struggles each team member faces with this issue always present.  Yet, the aspect of the film I found most interesting was getting an insider’s perspective into the world of what a professional card counter actually does.

Not only did this film give me the sense that I could just drop everything and make millions at the casino from just reading one book on card counting, but it also solidified my beliefs that the spookiest aspect of the Catholic Church lies in its arrogant members and their willingness to justify their actions based on spiritual visions.  All in all, Holy Rollers is thought provoking film presented in a very casual and non-arrogant way.  It’s no gamble for me to recommend you see this.

Showtimes for Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians:

Sunday, October 16th – 7:15pm (Roxie Theater)

Tuesday, October 18th – 9:30pm (Shattuck – Berkeley)

Thursday, October 20th – 7:15pm (Roxie Theater)


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