Happy Happy Review and Trailer

Happy Happy is a film about love, and not so much the falling-in part as the trying-to-stay-in part.  It is a film about couples and how they can drift away from each other, but also about individuals and how they can drift away from themselves.

Of course, none of this is new to cinema.  Woody Allen alone has touched upon these themes in practically every film he has made over the last thirty years.  But unlike Woody Allen’s films, Happy Happy is not set in New York, and somehow this makes all the difference.  Happy Happy is set in rural Norway, and therefore the film assumes a more organic quality.  This setting gives to the story a sense of isolation and simplicity that heightens the overall emotional intensity until it almost feels like you’re watching a Chekhov play.

The storyline focus is on two families who live next door to one another.  One family appears to be perfect, while the other appears stifled and dreary; and yet as the film unfolds, it becomes clear that neither family is actually healthy or happy.  Soon, affairs occur as each neighbor seeks to rekindle the flame inside themselves.

This film is more than just another story of love and infidelity.  It asks many questions, and yet offers no easy answers.  But sometimes it’s the difficult answers that are the most rewarding, the ones that come to you in the middle of a sleepless night.  That is why this movie succeeds – it keeps you engaged long after you’ve left the theatre.  I definitely recommend this film to anyone who loves dark and intelligent dramas with a side of wry wit.


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