Our Guide to Taiwan Film Days 2011


This year the Taiwan Film Days festival features only eight films, four of which we already have reviewed, spoiler-free of course.  Judging from ticket sales, the coming-of-age teen dramedy, You Are The Apple of My Eye is gearing up to be either the overwhelming fan favorite or the most disappointing feature of the festival.  After selling out within the first day of tickets going on sale the Film Society announced an added screening, which, as predicted, sold out within hours.  Who knew?  Personally, I don’t think you’re missing all that much if you are unable to see that film.  Check out our guide below and click on the films to read their reviews.

Bear It – “This film changed my thoughts to dreams and put a smile on my face” – Cal Jeralin

Pinoy Sunday – “This mumblecore-esque depiction of a day-in-the-life of a pair of twenty-somethings on the road to self-discovery hit all the right tones” – Adam Cuttler

The Coming of Tulku – “If you have insomnia, suffer from masochism, or are studying the art of meditation this is the film for you!” – Sarah Tell

You Are The Apple of My eye – “Was this film trying to be an American Pie-esque comedy or a sappy puppy-love melodrama?” – Adam Cuttler

Films we missed:

Formosa Mambo – Kidnapping comedy

Honey Pupu – Social media romance

Ranger – Crime & redemption

Taivalu – Regional documentary


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