The Sleeping Beauty Review and Trailer

This week I chose to review The Sleeping Beauty, by avant-garde French filmmaker Catherine Breillat.  I can honestly say that I regret this decision more than any other decision I’ve ever made in my life.  A statement that speaks volumes, seeing how I’m covered in bad tattoos and have been arrested numerous times.  But at least those unfortunate occurrences in my past have left me with stories to tell and anecdotes to recall, whereas The Sleeping Beauty left me with nothing but a dull headache and a general disdain for elitist art house cinema.

Not that I don’t enjoy artistic films, because I do. In fact, the more artistic the better, just so long as the artistic elements serve to enhance the film’s entertainment value.  Because isn’t that the purpose of film, to entertain?  Yes, they can be enlightening.  Yes, they can be educational.  Yes, they can be thought provoking.  But ultimately they need to be entertaining, or else they simply become one of those horrible rooms that you regret having entered at the modern art museum, where everyone is sitting in the dark and wondering what the hell the artist was trying to say.  When asked about the piece the artist says something pretentious like, “by asking the viewer to sit in a dark room, wondering where is the art, where is the art, I have recreated the type of dependency which is indicative of our current lack of patience and our overall need for instant gratification, which ultimately leaves society as bored and angry and scared as the viewer who sits in my dark room and wonders why did I pay twelve dollars to see this exhibit.”


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One Comment on “The Sleeping Beauty Review and Trailer”

  1. J
    October 18, 2011 at 3:17 am #

    I agree. If it was possible to “revoke” someone’s “filmmaking license” Catherine Breillat would be the first to have her card pulled.

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