Our Guide to the 2011 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival

For a smaller festival Berlin & Beyond has continuously impressed us with  the quality of their films. Last year we were amazed by The Robber which set our standards high for the 2011 festival. Luckily audience members will once again be treated to one of the years best films with Tom Tykwer’s 3.  If you like German films or high quality films in general this is a festival that you should keep circled on your calendar.

3 – “… a fantastic, unique, and subtle film.  Often funny, often dark. It will challenge you and keep you thinking.  See it.” – Tom

Klitschko – “This was one hell of an exciting sports documentary!” – Adam

The Sandman – “The Sandman is an inspired, original film and everything a quirky movie should be.” Nick

Mount St. Elias – “Documenting the perils of ascending a treacherous mountainside will almost always result in suspenseful viewing.” Adam

Sennentuntschi – “Sennentuntschi is a great example of a fresh and fun take on the horror-thriller genre that had me guessing wrong from the very beginning.” – Nick

Young Goethe In Love – “Offers a unique glimpse into the tumultuous early years of German writer Johann Goethe.” – Kacy

The Fatherless –  If you are a fan of unorthodox family dramas you will want to check this one out.


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