French Cinema Now Film Festival 2011 – Bachelor Days Are Over Review and Trailer

Bachelor Days Are Over (or Pourquoi tu pleures… An odd translation) was overall a very good character piece.

The film covers the few days before a man’s wedding, as he wanders around and interacts with his friends and family, his fiancée and her family, and his new lover, before marrying. It is almost entirely told through his interactions with these many characters. As such, it treads on potentially dangerous waters, in which the film is very beholden to the talents of the acting and the depth of the characters. Fortunately, it succeeds very well by and large at this.

The characters are almost all deep, complicated, and there is very little unnecessary exposition to either explain the plot or to explain their personalities. The only characters which are not satisfying are the main character’s friends – they seem bizarrely emotional, dramatic and naggy, and are not very believable. Fortunately this is the only occasion of this; otherwise the characters are great, multidimensional, and sympathetic due to this. It’s much easier to relate to someone who makes frequent mistakes, rather than someone who is completely perfect and correct.

The writing is fittingly good, and displays through this the difficulties and many considerations which go into a wedding. A wedding is, after all, not merely between two people, but is a union in the end of two families, and brings many people together. Then there is the consideration of whether love or companionship are more worthwhile. The film has its own conclusion, but it ends on a bit of a question mark as to these questions.

Beyond that, I must say that despite generally disliking the modern method of quick cuts, as it seems somewhat lazy, I feel it often works in the context of the film in this case.

Showtimes for Bachelor Days Are Over:

October 27, 6:15 pm (Landmark’s Embarcadero Center Cinema);

October 30, 9:00 pm (Film Society | New People Cinema) 


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