French Cinema Now Film Festival 2011 – The Long Falling Review and Trailer

The Long Falling is an interesting and dark Belgian film. Centering around a woman who is kept largely in fear by her husband, an abusive fellow who, purposely or not, killed a young girl on a road. The wife follows suit and ends her husband in the same place and by the same manner.

The film then takes us to Brussels, where the woman tries to reconnect with her son. This is the meat of the film, as the police slowly close in and the personalities and histories of the characters show through their behavior and conversations. They are shown as complicated beings, and their motives are never completely transparent – our idea as to why the woman killed her husband, for instance, changes multiple times, as does our idea as to why the son was so upset about this man’s death.

The tone of the film is complex and shifts from being dark and surreal to dark and dramatic towards the end, with a surprising bit of humanity. We are also taken through the question of the justification of such a murder. The police are torn; legally, they must pursue and persecute the offender, but morally, they wonder if she should not be allowed to flee. Then the other woman… well, I shouldn’t say too much.

It is certainly worth a view.

Showtimes for The Long Falling:

Friday, October 28th – 9:00pm (SF Film Society | New People Cinema)

Sunday, October 30th – 1:30pm (SF Film Society | New People Cinema)


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