Cinema By The Bay Film Festival 2011 – I Think It’s Raining Review and Trailer

I Think It’s Raining is a nice and interesting first feature film by San Francisco-based curator Joshua Moore.

The film is shown over the course of a couple of days of a San Franciscan girl returning to her home-city. She wanders about the city, occasionally running into people she once knew. She ends up at a birthday party, gets too drunk, wanders around, is self-destructive, has a nice affair with a guy, and then wanders a little more. It is shown through frequently long takes, and with many interestingly done ellipses.

First, the positives. The camera work is fantastic. The technology used might not always be up to speed (occasional frame drops, some odd sound things), but the camera work is attentive and truly allows the film to shine. Through long takes, which almost constantly focus on the main character as she moves around throughout the scenes, we are told pretty strongly that she is the main character. The camera often focuses on her face, or her torso to her head, but no matter what it is, it’s almost always on an important part of her to punctuate her state of mind.

The acting, when it is improvised, is also pretty good and feels natural. The music is very often very good too. Adam actually said to me while watching it, “I want to go see that band!” during the Motown-esque group, and this is exactly what I was thinking. He also captures many aspects of San Francisco very well.

Unfortunately, though, the scripted portions towards the beginning of the film feel very stilted and unnatural. The dialogue does not seem realistic, the acting seemed fake and forced, and the editing doesn’t always match. It isn’t until she meets the young guy that the character interactions seem natural. The interactions in the bar in which she sings also seem unnatural, but the camera work makes up for it.

It is a fine first attempt, and Moore’s mindset is completely in the right place. I look forward to seeing future projects from him.

Showtimes for I Think It’s Raining:

Thursday, November 3rd, 7:00pm & 9:30pm (SFFS/New People Cinema)


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