Cinema By The Bay Film Festival 2011 – The Price Of Sex Review and Trailer

Looking for a feel good documentary?  Keep looking.  First time writer, director and producer Mimi Chakarov‘s journey into the more sinister side of immigration is a heartbreaking snapshot of the world’s oldest profession: prostitution.

The film follows Chakarov as she searches for answers on how such a global black market of human trafficking can even exist.  She interviews pimps, cops, working and retired prostitutes, and families of young girls who are currently traveling abroad and whose whereabouts are unknown.  She also talks about the fall of communism and how that played a significant role in the sex trade.

For the sake of suspenseful entertaining purposes, Chakarov goes beyond simply conducting interviews though.  She brings a hidden camera inside the clubs where the selling of these young girls take place, while incognito as a prostitute, of course.  This going undercover part of the film was the one aspect I liked least, and did nothing to shed more light on the subject at hand.  The interviews and photo stills of this sex trafficking world made enough of an impact to bring home the point that this illegal trade is an unstoppable flood.

By the end of this film I was left with a feeling of hopelessness.  What can be done to warn those at risk of falling prey to this enslaved life?  Other than donate to organizations like La Strada (Click here to donate and get involved) there really isn’t all that much that we can do.  As long as people in power remain corrupt, things will never change; since the dawn of man, most people who hold positions of power tend to be corrupt.  If anything, this film put me back in touch with my more cynical side.  To reiterate my opening sentence, this is not a feel good documentary.

My heart goes out to all the victims of sexual abuse, and to those led astray from their families towards a life of enslavement, and I commend Mimi Chakarov for bringing to life the existence of this film further raising the awareness of such a stern issue.

Showtimes for The Price of Sex:

Sunday, November 5th – 6:45pm (SF Film Society | New People Cinema – 1746 Post Street)


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