Sponsor Your Own Movie Seat At San Francisco’s Balboa Theatre

Why are George Clooney and Francis McDormand so happy?  Could it be they’re having a hearty laugh at the classic comedy Coming Up Daisy, or because they’re sitting in newly installed movie seats at the Balboa Theatre?

As part of a fund-raising campaign the Balboa Theatre is offering the public a chance to adopt their own movie seat.  By making a tax-deductible contribution of $500.00 you can have your name, or the name of someone you want to honor inscribed on one of the new movie seats.  If I had the money to spare I would gladly donate it, if for no other reason than to tell whoever I find sitting there that they’re in my seat.  But seriously, it’s a great way to spend the money if you have it and all the dough will go towards not just the new seating but overall renovations such as updating to accommodate digital projection, a new heating system, upgrading the bathroom, etc.  All of this work is necessary to make the movie experience at one of this City’s best cinematic institution a better one.

Click here to download a Sponsor A Seat Form

Click here to download a Capital Campaign Form


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