The Kid With A Bike Review and Trailer


This film presents itself in as unassuming a way as its title – subdued in tone and seemingly so as well in scope. But underneath its exterior lies a very intense, human story of a child at risk of becoming lost.

The story is rather simple: a child is abandoned by his last family members, goes into a foster home, is more or less adopted by a hairdresser, and becomes involved with the darker sides of society which are so alluring and welcoming to the down-and-out. But the way the film is portrayed is what allows it to shine – that is, the directors feel no need to hurry and drill into our skulls that this film is a story. There is no senseless verbal exposition. Rather, the characters are allowed to breathe.

This technique in filmmaking utilizes one of film’s unique aspects to great effect – time. We do not only see the important parts – we are able to watch the boy and the hairdresser ride a bike, or sit and eat outside, or the boy turning on a faucet to watch the water come out and simultaneously annoy her. The film shuns visual exposition as well, and simply allows a story to live.

Technically it is a great looking film. The camera at times was a bit shaky without justification by the film, but this is easily forgivable and could be seen to be in the cinéma vérité tradition. Music is used sparcely and to punctuate what seemed to me like decisive points in the boy’s life.

A beautiful and tragic film, and infinitely human.


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