Outrage (Autoreiji) Review and Trailer

An unfortunate movie.

Outrage is a lengthy and complicated Yakuza film about betrayal.  I must admit that the plot is quite good – it is complicated and expansive, and involves nearly everyone betraying each other.  Sadly, this is where the positive aspects of the film end.

The way that the plot progresses is as follows: exposition, action, exposition explaining the action, exposition predicting the next action, action, a catalog of murders, exposition, end.  And all this is dragged out for about two hours.

There is absolutely no character development; each character behaves more or less the same as the others.  They all beat each other up as their primary method of communication, and then they are given far more screen time when they are being killed or are already dead.  In fact, the director feels a strange need to show and develop every aspect of their deaths, and since this is without any character development attaching us to the characters, we do not have an emotional reaction.  At times it felt like it was written with the maturity level and attention span of a two year old.

The cinematography is acceptable, but not particularly impressive; the acting has its moments, but also has its terrible moments.  For example, all the scenes in English are truly painful.  It really is not worth seeing, and I have no idea how it ended up competing for the Palme D’Or at Cannes.


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