31 Days of Christmas Movies Marathon: Day 12 – A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Welcome to my 31 Days of Christmas movie marathon.  This is a feature where I watch a different Christmas movie every day from now until Christmas.  The rules are simple: The movie has to be something I haven’t already seen and I must watch at least one Christmas-themed movie a day from now until December 25th.  They’ll be some bad ones and hopefully a lot of great ones.  Why put myself through this?  Because it’s a good way to catch up on a lot of Christmas movies and a good way to satisfy my OCD.

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Walking into the theater having already seen the first two Harold & Kumar adventures I knew what to expect from this latest outing, even before those cumbersome 3D specs ever hit my face:  Racist jokes, unnecessary – yet funny – nudity, marijuana, tender bromantic moments, and of course, a Neil Patrick Harris parody of Neil Patrick Harris.  I was not let down.  Not only did this movie deliver these things but it added in for good measure a pancake hating robot, some stop-animation, 3D penises, and a cameo by none other than Santa Clause himself.

Like any Harold & Kumar movie, the plot doesn’t really matter all that much and exists only to move the comedy along from one absurd situation to another.  But if you must know, the story takes place years after Harold & Kumar have stopped being friends.  Kumar is still up to his pot toking ways while Harold is living the married suburban life.  A package arrives at Kumar’s doorstep addressed to Harold and so he decides to deliver it personally to his old friend.  From there the two are off on another whirlwind of mishap after mishap.

This Christmas spectacular managed to retain some of the randomness and charm of the duo’s White Castle trip without completely abandoning the few and far in between better formulaic sight gag moments from their escape from Guantanamo Bay.  Although released in theaters, the Christmas spin in this latest H&K movie made the film feel as though it should exist on some late night cable channel.

As far as comedies that are self-aware of their own stupidness are concerned, especially Christmas-themed ones, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas hits the nail on the head.


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