31 Days of Christmas Movies Marathon: Day 16 – A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa

Welcome to my 31 Days of Christmas movie marathon.  This is a feature where I watch a different Christmas movie every day from now until Christmas.  The rules are simple: The movie has to be something I haven’t already seen and I must watch at least one Christmas-themed movie a day from now until December 25th.  They’ll be some bad ones and hopefully a lot of great ones.  Why put myself through this?  Because it’s a good way to catch up on a lot of Christmas movies and a good way to satisfy my OCD.

On the 16th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa

Prior to watching this, my most recent experience with Kermit and the gang took place in a theater and starred Jason Segel and a new muppet named Walter.  While Roman Polanski‘s Carnage will probably end up being my favorite comedy with elements of drama, Segel and Walter’s The Muppets will wind up being my favorite comedy-comedy.  So try as I may, I mentally prepared myself to watch the muppets most recent Christmas themed movie by not comparing it to any of their other films, especially their latest one.  I think I achieved this mental state of non-comparing the best I could, because even though this movie has a collection of some of the worst muppet songs to date I was still able to find enough redeemable qualities to have a good time.  Had I compared it to any of their other Christmas specials like Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Family Christmas, and even A Very Muppet Christmas I would have been disappointed.

Basically, this Muppet Christmas adventure is all about the importance of giving the greatest gift in the world.  This gift is something that can’t be bought or wrapped or be delivered by jolly ol’ Saint Nick.  But to figure out what this gift is the gang must head to the North Pole however they can and deliver a few last minute, and very important letters to Santa Clause.  Now isn’t that cute?

Like most Muppet movies my joy in watching comes from seeing the Muppets interact with both each other and the humans who inhabit their world.  The standout moments here were seeing Kermit be dragged by his scarf into a mail sorting machine during a funny and chaotic post office debacle, every scene with Pepe the king prawn (my new favorite muppet – sorry Fozzie), and the few great cameo appearances by the chipper and sole NorthPole Airlines employee, Uma Thurman.  The scenes where the two of them were on screen together made for some standout memorable muppet moments.  Nathan Lane too makes a funny cameo as a big bad bully who wants nothing more than to not be on Santa’s naughty list anymore.

Not to focus too much on the negatives but I must touch on the music for one quick paragraph.  All Muppet movies, including the direct to television/DVD ones, such as this, have always had song and dance numbers.  When the Muppets are at their best (The Muppet Movie, Muppets Take Manhattan, The Muppets), at no time would I even think of fast forwarding through any of their songs.  At their worst, I’m still able to find at least one or two tunes bearable enough to sit through.  The odd thing about this movie is that even though it is not the worst Muppet entry it has the worst songs of anything else they have ever done.  Not only is the actual music bad, but the lyrics, along with the dancing that accompanies most of it is just awful.

If I were to recommend a muppet Christmas movie to watch, I’d say that Muppet Family Christmas is by far their best, but that doesn’t mean that this movie was a complete waste of time either.


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