2012 German Gems Preview Guide

What this festival lacks in quantity (only 5 films) it more than makes up for in quality, which makes the fact that this is the film’s last year even more disheartening.  I for one am truly grateful for being introduced to many fantastic German films over the past few years and this year is no exception.  Check out my mini guide to all the films playing at this year’s fest after the jump

The festival will be at The Castro Theatre on Saturday, January 14th and then move to the Arena Theater in Point Arena on Sunday, January 15th.  All five films will be shown at The Castro Theatre.

Above Us Only Sky – “Director, Jan Schomburg does everything right in his feature-length debut in what is essentially a case study on grief.”

Under Control – “It’s fair to say that if Stanley Kubrick had ever made a documentary after 1968 that it would be similar to Volker Sattel‘s exploration of all things nuclear power plant related.”

Way Home – “Fans of humanistic and realist cinema will be able to find joy, or at the very least, hope, in Way Home – I know I did.”

Westwind – “part low-key coming-of-age drama, and part Romeo & Juliet, minus the many deaths, that is.”

Taboo – The Soul Is A Stranger On Earth – “I can not recommend anyone go see this, unless of course you happen to be either sporting an icky love jones for your sibling, or are a sucker for cinema featuring anguished goth poeticism layered atop softcore porn.”


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