A Separation (جدایی نادر از سیمین) – Review and Trailer

I must admit, at first that I was surprised that a film of such depth and difficult subject matter could come from a country as repressive as Iran.  But then, Iran does have a cinematic tradition which is unique and independent from the other world traditions.  A Separation is no exception.

The film does an utterly fantastic job of portraying a dissolving marriage and how this effects everyone around the couple. Of course, in this case, the immediate results are particularly disastrous. But each little piece, every character’s reaction or explanation, is immensely human, realistic, and believable.  This film can be easily relateable, in each of the little segments upon which it flows, to many situations encountered in the difficult path of human interactions.

What’s more, the film creates a sort of natural suspense in how the events unfold.  Very little information is told until necessary; as such, the film unravels organically.  It was, as I told a friend not long after, a page-turner.  Often films concerning a relationship often become little but exposition or wanton dialogue.  This film has you on the edge of the seat.

As for complaints, I have one complaint that I have often and will probably have much more in the future – the shaky cinematography.  At times it heightened the mood, but why does everyone forgo the steadicam, dolly, or tripod?  Perhaps for ease, but everything should be done with purpose.  Then again, I have some basic qualms with the conception that cinema-vérité or realism should be done with hand-held camera, as this does not make the film realistic to the way we experience the world but only realistic to how we view things through a camera that we hold.  But that’s for another time.  I will not let this complaint reduce one iota of the respect I have for the film.

The acting is all phenomenal.  Every single character feels real.  The children, too, look as though they are really going through this situation.  And the ending!  It was one of those endings, when as I was watching, I was thinking to myself “Self, this probably will not happen, but it should end like this, and that would be a perfect ending.” And the film agreed with me, but the continuation through the end credits one-upped my idea.

A Separation is a fantastic film, and one I would highly recommend.


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