Drive – Review and Trailer

Last night at The Lumiere, I decided to watch a movie that would change my perspective on action films. We all know the story: stay close to Enter The Dragon, The French Connection, The Seven Samurai or even Die Hard. Action movies are usually not supposed to be subtle or delicately complex. That is why I fell in love with Nicolas Winding Refn – also director of Bronson and Valhalla Rising, which I haven’t seen yet, but might give them a chance. The impeccable direction of the movie, followed by a great screenplay taken by the book, Drive, from James Sallis and adapted by Hossein Amini, made my legs shake when leaving the theatre. There is nothing like the feeling of catharsis, and I tell you – Drive does that to you without previous expectations.

It’s hard to know where to start. I am not sure if it is because of the absolute amazing build-up that the movie presents or if it would be because of the subtlety of the acting, which we would have to say grace for (even if you aren’t religious). It is hard to find today an actor that we know will be in our future, that will enter the history of filmmaking like De Niro or Brando. If Ryan Gosling hadn’t reached that level to you before Drive, go watch the movie and feel save about our future in film acting. Besides his wonderful ability to control his eyes in a perfect way to show emotions – knowing exactly what he is doing – he also knows exactly how to construct a character. Of course it is obvious to anyone who watches the movie that his performance is beautiful, so I believe we can also give high credits to his co-workers, Carry Mulligan, – who I fell in love with after ‘An Education‘ and am excited to see perform in ‘Shame‘ – Bryan Cranston, – yes! Malcom in The Middle! – Albert Brooks, our great villan, Ron Perlman, the gorgeous and sort of new to me, Christina Hendricks and obviously we couldn’t forget the scorpion jacket, who embodied a strong character after little bit of blood and car grease.

I profoundly believe that this movie has reached its peak because of the blas̩ness it has perforated in it, but with boldness too. The scenes with the blood, through the build up, the approach to the audience, who was probably not expecting it(at least me) was absolutely necessary. Fantastic. The respiration, the long pauses, the pace itself Рperfect. And I have to cite something one of my good, good friends said that was very true: the scene at the beach had a huge remembrance to Jason. Mainly because of the music Рwhich was perfect for the movie as well.

I applaud Drive, Mr. Refn and all the cast and crew for giving us such a rush. And will most definitely be more attention to Refn‘s works.


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Author:Bruna Palmeiro


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