SF IndieFest 2012: “Girl Walk/All Day”, “Girlfriend” and “Heaven and Earth and Joe Davis” Reviews and Trailers

Girl Walk All Day

Indiefest’s closing night film is a 71 minute dance video set to the  sounds of that mighty maestro of mash-up music, Girl Talk.  Mash-up music, for those who don’t already know, is another level of audio sampling in where the artist manipulates already existing music to form a new song entirely.  Usually rap lyrics are involved, but not always.  Think of it as an audio collage.

This particular collage, impressively shot on digital, features a talented group of dancers traversing across the city, transforming Manhattan into their own stage.  Hair salons, malls, ferry boats, museums, Yankee Stadium, bridges, bodegas, statues, subways, graveyards, parks, and much more are all turned into a dance playground.

So, what does one get out of seeing an hour-long improvisational mashed-up music video?  How about a sense of overwhelming joy and assurance in all that is good with humanity.  Yeah, I took it there.  Loved this movie so much I even found myself smiling and bobbing my head along to the featured Beatles songs.  For me, that’s a big deal, because I’m not a big fan of The Beatles.  Actually, I’m barely a little fan of them.  Come to think of it, I don’t like them at all, yet, I enjoyed them in the context of this movie – go figure.


Girlfriend, regardless of what the title wants you to believe, is not a romance.  Girlfriend, regardless of what the script dictates, is not a compelling drama.  Girlfriend, this movie is not all that and a bag of chips.

Evan, a young man with down syndrome left to fend for himself after his mother dies, gives away his inheritance to his High School crush, Candy, who leads him to believe she is his girlfriend.  Oh yeah, Candy also has a clichéd version of a white trash ex boyfriend who happens to also be her baby’s daddy.  I don’t know about you, but I like to escape those drollish daytime talk show dramas when I’m at the movies.  Why would I want to see a movie version of bottom feeding Maury Povich mindlessness?  Yes, there is even mention of a paternity test!  I don’t care if it’s wrapped up in pretty cinematography, I still don’t want to see it.

Girlfriend is little more than drama for the sake of drama.

Heaven and Earth and Joe Davis

I love the fact that, from what I can tell, every big festival in this city seems to be required to have at least one documentary profiling an eccentric?  This year’s Indiefest outside-the-box doc features a mathematical savant, Joe Davis, who is either a mad scientist or this generation’s Albert Einstein.  While I didn’t always fully comprehend all of the wild contributions and projects that Davis has done, I was able to get the general gist, and from what I could understand, the man is both brilliant and bonkers.  This doc is as entertaining as any good doc featuring an eccentric should be, and really what more could I ask for in this type of movie?  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he recorded a group of ballerina’s vaginal contractions and beamed them into the star systems Epsilon Eridani, and Tau Ceti, wherever they are.  WTF?!


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