SF Green Film Festival 2012: “Alma” and “Local Hero” Reviews and Trailers


Patrick Rouxel‘s observational documentary on our bovine brethren is beautifully shot, void of any narration and adds just the right amount of musical cues to make even the most avid of carnivorous meatheads (myself included) think twice about his or her beef consumption.  In fact, it’s so beautifully shot that it should have its own spread in the National Geographic.  While Rouxel’s thesis is that we can help the planet by cutting back on meat and dairy products his approach in telling this is a restrained and non-confrontational one – the opposite of your typical pushy Green Peace activist.

Local Hero

When it comes to finding a good comedy to watch, admittingly, I don’t instinctually seek out “British humor” films, with the exception of Monty Python and Mr. Bean, of course.  With that being said, I found Bill Forsyth‘s 1983 satirical critique of big oil takeover in a small Scottish village to be quite funny.  And, as a bonus to the comedy aspects of the film working so well, so too does the message of nature vs man.  What I liked most about this film was the subtle, and non traditional formulaic way in which it unravels, that along with some fine cinematography made Local Hero a very enjoyable watch.  How have I never heard of this movie before!?


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