San Francisco International Film Festival 2012: “The Day He Arrives”, “Farewell, My Queen” and “Land Of Oblivion” Reviews and Trailers

The Day He Arrives

In this Groundhog Day style film, a movie director keeps unknowingly reliving the same day.  While chance takes him down different paths, his personality continuously leads him to similar conclusions.  The film is quirky but not shallow and does a good job at adding humor to an otherwise sad story.  Director Sang-soo Hong‘s film will not appeal to the masses but fans of thoughtful, dialogue heavy films will get enjoyment from it.

Farewell, My Queen

Benoît Jacquot‘s atmospheric period drama follows Marie Antoinette and one of her servants at Versailles during the final days of the French revolution.  As the revolutionary mob marches towards Versailles, the tension builds among its inhabitants.  I enjoyed this film for the glimpse into history it offered but I can only recommend it to fans of period pieces.  I will say that it was extremely refreshing to see a period film without the main focus being a love story.

Land Of Oblivion

This two part film revolves around the Chernobyl disaster and those who were affected by it.  In the first part, we see a young woman’s wedding ceremony that is interrupted when the groom is called away to put out a “forest fire.”  As the details about what has really happened start to leak out, the people of Chernobyl realize that their lives will never be the same.  In the second part of the film, we see the victims in modern times and how the disaster has affected them both emotionally and physically.  The film is bleak but well done and definitely worth watching.


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