San Francisco International Film Festival 2012: “Where Do We Go Now?” and “Somebody Up There Likes Me” Reviews and Trailers

Where Do we Go Now?

When a director is truly connected with the story they are creating, you can feel it. Director Nadine Labaki, born in Lebanon, creates the perfect recipe for film; mixing an emotional war between Christians and Muslims living in the same town. Adding a pinch of comedy depicted through the struggle of the Lebanese women and a series of hilarious distractions they concoct to distract their men from killing each other.

At parts, I laughed full-heartedly but the pain I felt too. A single tear ran unwillingly from my eye. I wiped it quickly away in hopes that the big shot critics to my left would not recognize the glimmer. Immediately after this cinematic pleasure was over, I requested to interview the director.  Stay tuned.

Somebody Up There Likes Me

Morbid, lazy humor brought together by a strange concept never quite explained is how I would describe Bob Byington‘s ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me.’ Ironically titled for humor(?), something along the lines of ‘Somebody Up There Hates Me’ or ‘Is Fucking With Me’ would probably be more appropriate.

All the off-beat humor in itself would have been fine except that the bad visual effects, seemingly put together on someone’s mac book, infiltrated random sections of this film and left me a bit confused and rather annoyed. Some characters aged, others didn’t, and to be honest they looked more bored than I was.  Maybe that was the point and I missed it.

A small cameo role by one of my favorite actors, Kevin Corrigan, wasn’t enough to change my mind about this film – overall an interesting take on a weird existence. I’ll end with ‘I didn’t hate it’ but I don’t think I’ll ever own it.


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