My Day 7 at San Francisco’s International Film Festival 2012: “Alps” and “Compliance”

I saw two movies today.  One of them I saw in a crowded theatre filled with uncomfortable laughter and impatient sighs, and the other was in a screening room with a very uncomfortable headset which led to even more impatient sighs.  Lets get started with the reviews.


Being that another writer for this site, Nick, already wrote a capsule review for this film (click here to read his capsule review) I won’t waste too much time in adding my two cents.  In his review he wrote that “it ignores convention and delivers a thoughtful entertaining viewing experience.”  I couldn’t agree with him more, but would like to add the reason as to why I gave one less star than he did.

It’s hard to judge a director’s movie without comparing to it to something else the director has done.  Myself, recognizing that I am indeed guilty of this comparing crime must say that the impact of Lanthamos’ story structure and style hit me less hard than it did upon seeing his previous film, Dogtooth.  With that being said it’s still a great movie.


The theatre I was in was told prior to the start of the movie that due to extremely uncomfortable and potentially disturbing scenes that by the end of Compliance we will more than likely be divided into two camps – and divided we were.  I guess I would fall into the camp of those who didn’t like this movie, but not because I was disturbed or uncomfortable.  I didn’t like this movie for the simple fact that I found it dull, both in its story and the procedural format Craig Zobel (writer/director) chose to tell it.

In keeping with the capsule review guidelines (100 – 150 words) I can’t say much more about this film right now.  However, my colleague and friend, Nick, has seen the movie and you can click here to see what he had to say about it.  Aside from our difference in opinion (he gave it 4 stars) he also touches on the plot a little more than I did.


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