San Francisco International Film Festival 2012: “The Loneliest Planet”, “Compliance”, and “Oslo, August 31st”

The Loneliest Planet

Before the film started director Julia Loktev told the audience to keep in mind what it feels like to be in nature while watching the film. I did my best.

The Loneliest Planet is the story of a young couple (Hani Furstenberg, Gael García Bernal), and their guide, embarking on a backpacking trip across the Georgian wilderness. The film wonderfully captures what it feels like to be on a hiking trip and in fact made me a bit nostalgic for the outdoors. That being said, while I do love the outdoors it doesn’t in any way mean I enjoy watching other people enjoying/not enjoying the outdoors. Imagine a hike you took where there were some ups and downs, now imagine other people took that hike and it was put onto film. If that sounds like something you want to watch for two hours you should see The Loneliest Planet. I appreciated what the film did but I don’t know if I would watch it again.


This film is made for people who can handle intense, realistic, and disturbing events that occur because of ignorance. Apparently about twenty percent of the audience I saw it with are not those people.

In Compliance a young employee (Dreama Walker) at a fast food joint is mercilessly interrogated after her boss (Ann Dowd) receives a manipulative phone call from a man impersonating the police. As her bosses falsely bolstered authority grows the question quickly becomes how far will people blindly follow their leader. The situation becomes extremely had to watch, even more so because the movie is based on true events that have been happening all over the US.

Compliance is a well executed , gore free, real world horror story that takes the audiences to places they don’t necessarily want to go. I loved the film but it is not for the easily offended. Boundaries will be crossed.

Oslo, August 31st

After watching Oslo, August 31st I had to sit down and watch some really bad TV comedies.

The film follows Anders, a recovering drug addict, as he leaves his treatment facility to visit some friends and attend a job interview.  Director Joachim Trier perfectly orchestrates Anders’ day as he drifts closer to temptation. As you can imagine it isn’t the happiest film ever, especially if you have ever been close to someone with a drug addiction, but it’s so well done that I easily rank it among the best films of 2012.


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2 Comments on “San Francisco International Film Festival 2012: “The Loneliest Planet”, “Compliance”, and “Oslo, August 31st””

  1. dartangnonlassy
    May 1, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

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