New To san Francisco Theatres Starting Friday, May 25th

A group of Anatolians search for a dead body.  A gangster/father embarks on an unusual journey within his own home.  A journalist has an affair with one of her subjects.  Plus prostitution, and the inventor of the very first vibrator.  What do all these people have in common?  They’re all featured in new films opening this week in San Francisco theatres.  To see the full list of films, trailers, and where they’re playing, follow the jump.

Hysteria (Embarcadero Center Cinema)

The truth of how Mortimer Granville devised the invention of the first vibrator in the name of medical science. (Click here to read Filmbalaya’s review)

Keyhole (Roxie Theatre)

Gangster and deadbeat dad, Ulysses Pick, embarks on an unusual journey through his home.

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (SF Film Society Cinema/New People)

A group of men set out in search of a dead body in the Anatolian steppes.

Polisse (Embarcadero Center Cinema)

A journalist covering police assigned to a juvenile division enters an affair with one of her subjects.

Whores’ Glory (Lumiere Theatre)

Tells several stories of prostitution around the world. The documentary revolves around the lives and individual hopes, needs and experiences of the women.


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