This Summer Spend Your Saturdays Learning Film With Mark Cousins’ “The Story of Film: An Odyssey”

Starting this Saturday, June 2nd and continuing every Saturday thereafter up until July 21st the San Francisco Film Society will be airing Mark CousinsThe Story of Film: A Film Odyssey.

What does this mean for us lovers of all things cinema?  It means that by the time you have completed this 8 part series that even the most casual movie goers will be able to add their two cents the next time they overhear some cinema geeks conversing about European new wave, post war films, and many other key movements in film history.  But more importantly, and more excitingly, than being able to talk to nerdy film patrons, this series promises to be informative and well produced, which almost always makes for good entertainment, thus almost guaranteeing that your money spent at the theatres this summer will not go to waste.

Tickets are only $8.00 for each showing with the option of buying the $48.00 package, allowing you to see all the films.  Follow the jump to see the entire schedule of this film series along with one hell of a trailer.

June 2: Part 1 “Birth of the Cinema” (1900–1920); “The Hollywood Dream” (1920s)
June 9: Part 2 “Expressionism, Impressionism and Surrealism: Golden Age of World Cinema” (1920s); “The Arrival of Sound” (1930s)
June 16: Part 3 “Postwar Cinema” (1940s); “Sex & Melodrama” (1950s)
June 23: Part 4 “European New Wave”; “New Directors, New Forms” (1960s)
June 30: Part 5 “American Cinema of the ‘70s”; “Movies to Change the World” (1970s)
July 7: Part 6 “The Arrival of Multiplexes and Asian Mainstream” (1970s); “Fight the Power: Protest in Film” (1980s)
July 14: Part 7 “New Boundaries: World Cinema in Africa, Asia, Latin America”; “New American Independents & the Digital Revolution” (1990s)
July 21: Part 8 “Cinema Today and the Future” (2000s)

Showtime 12:00 pm only, Saturdays, June 2–July 21


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