This Month’s Poll: Favorite Highest Grossing Film Adjusted For Inflation?

With the enormous success of Steven Spielberg‘s Jaws in 1976, which, at the time, broke box office records, as well as knocking The Godfather Part II out of the #1 spot, the arrival of the first big blockbuster movie as we now know it today had arrived.

Back then the average price for a movie ticket was $2.00.  If Jaws were to come out today and do the numbers it did back in 76 it would be the 9th highest grossing film of all time, right behind those two James Cameron behemoths, Avatar and Titanic.  But as it stands, Spielberg’s shark tale doesn’t even crack the top 50.  The main reason for this skewed perception of which movie has attracted more viewers has to do with a number of factors, the primary one being ticket pricing.

So, rather than find out what people’s favorite highest grossing movie of all time is, which would include a couple of Harry Potter movies, some Johnny Depp pirate adventures, and a Transformers sequel, I think the more interesting question is, What’s your favorite movie after adjusting accordingly for inflation?

Being that I am not an economist, I have relied on the data gathered at Wikipedia as my source for these movies as the top 10 highest grossing films after adjusting for inflation.


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