David Gordon Green’s Secret Movie

It seems impossible that in today’s cyber-media atmosphere that a major director would be able to complete a film featuring A-list acting talent without a single report of it ever reaching the internet, yet that’s exactly what director, David Gordon Green has done with his new movie, Prince Avalanche.

The movie, which is a remake of last year’s Icelandic film entitled Either Way stars Paul Rudd, and Emile Hirsch and is about two people who spend the summer painting lines on the road and “at noon the barren wilderness becomes a place of adventure, disaster and discovery as both men find themselves at crossroads in their lives.”  I guess I could understand this movie going unnoticed if it were filmed in Iceland, but the filming took place in Austin, Texas.  How the existence of this film went under everybody’s radar for so long is beyond me.

As far as storytelling and esthetics are concerned, and considering the tone of the original Icelandic film, this looks like it could be a return to DGG’s earlier films, like George Washington, All The Real Girls and Snow Angels.  Those films were more independent and had a Terrence Malickian vibe to them, not at all like his recent bigger Hollywood productions like The Sitter, Your Highness, and Pineapple Express.

There is no word of a release date as of yet, but chances are that it will be out before DGG’s other remake, Suspiria, which has a release date set for some time in 2013.

Check out the trailer to Either Way after the jump


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