My Day 2 At Frameline Film Festival 2012: “Bunnies Galore” and “Annie”

Day 2, and thanks to the aid of my trusty companion, caffeine, I was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (Oh, pun) for the 9am shorts program, Bunnies Galore.  From there I would meet up with my cousin and bunny hop into Annie.  Is it just me or does the phrase ‘bunny hop into Annie’ sound a bit strange, if not wrong?

Anyway, from there my plan was to do one more hop into Petunia, but the prospect of sitting in the theatre for another hour-and-a-half while the sun was shining and my cousin was visiting was starting to lose its appeal.  Lets hope that me missing Petunia doesn’t mean I missed one of the best movies of the year.

Now, on to the movies I did see.  My takes on Bunnies Galore and Annie after the jump

Bunnies Galore

Girl bunny 1: Do you love chickens?

Girl bunny 2: I love chickens.

Girl Bunny 1 and 2: Let’s have chicken babies!

And that’s a great example of the simplicity and innocence found in this program.  Sure, these shorts seem like something you might find on Sesame Street, but does that mean that they can’t be enjoyed by adults?  If anything, this program, which consisted of 4 films, 3 of which were from the stop animation Girl Bunnies series, served as a humbling reminder of how we, as adults, can forget the most basic of feelings that give us our humanity.  The intent of these shorts, which were made by one lesbian mother and her kids, was to show that all love is universal.  Intent accomplished.

After those 3 bunny shorts came the short, Goodnight Moon &  Other Sleepy Time Tales.  This story time program was interspersed with segments similar to Kids Say The Darndest Things, and animated interpretations from children’s books.  All of the shorts worked, because they were kept simple, reflected the books to which they came from, and had fantastic voice talents such as Aaron NevilleSusan Sarandon, Natalie Cole, Billy Crystal, Patty LaBelle, Lauryn Hill, and Tony Bennet.

When I wasn’t hung up on the fact that the world in which the Goodnight Moon story takes place consists of bunnies living like humans with cats as pets, I was enjoying my toddler nostalgia.  Seriously, how did the bunnies get so smart, to the point where they act like humans?  Does this story take place on Earth?  Have these bunnies evolved to this point?  WTF?


The funny thing about revisiting a movie you haven’t seen since you were 5 is that it tends to be a totally different movie.  Scary villains become comical, and racial stereotypes become even more painfully obvious than the numerous plot holes .  Yet after all these years between viewings – 30, to be exact – there are some things that have remained the same.  As it turns out, it seems I still bite my shirt during the suspense of the bridge climbing scene, and the adorability of that red-headed step child hasn’t changed all that much either.  Annie isn’t the best musical, but it’s lightheartedness mixed with my childhood nostalgia ensured that it has remained timeless.

Yep, that’s me with the San Francisco healthy penis. What are they feeding that thing?


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