This Month’s Poll: What Is Your Favorite English Language Film From Director Paul Verhoeven?

The best thing about this poll is that the voting in anonymous.  Now you can feel safe and secure knowing that none of your friends will ever find out you secretly voted for Showgirls because you think it is on par with Citizen Kane.

With the release of Len Wiseman‘s Total Recall remake now just a month away, and with the announcement that Elite Squad director José Padilha has taken charge of the long-delayed Robocop remake – starring Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson, I might add – I can’t help but reflect on the man responsible for bringing these great works of action/sci-fi to the screen in the first place, Paul Verhoeven.

Every english language film of Verhoeven’s has sparked a sequel of some kind (with the exception being his first english spoken film, Flesh+Blood starring Rutger Hauer), which at the very least, says to me that the man knows how to make the most of a script.  It’s as if he is blessed with the Midas touch, only instead of turning all that he touches into gold, he turns everything into some of the greatest guilty pleasurable cult classics ever.

Vote for your favorite Verhoeven film after the jump, or on the sidebar


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