Limited Time Offer – 50% Off All Criterion DVDs!

Now through July 31st, Barnes & Noble are selling Criterion Collection films at 50% their retail value.  This deal is for all of their titles, including box sets and Blue-rays! Considering the fact that not even our local used DVD stores here in San Francisco (Amoeba, Streetlight, Rasputin) are offering such a wide selection of Criterion films, this deal sounds pretty sweet.

While I do support my local DVD/Music stores – going so far as boycotting all on-line DVD rental companies to support the dying video stores – a selection of new Criterion films this cheap doesn’t come around that often, and I’d be a fool to not take advantage of it.

Time for me to finally grab Charlie Chaplin‘s Gold Rush, Allen Baron‘s Blast of Silence and Alex Cox‘s Walker, three films that I’ve been holding off on until the price tag was lower than $20.00.

What about you, are you going to take advantage of this sale too, and if so, what films are you going to pick up?  Click here to be directed to the Criterion page at Barnes & Noble


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One Comment on “Limited Time Offer – 50% Off All Criterion DVDs!”

  1. TheBoar
    July 11, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

    Adam, you’re like my favorite dude right now

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