Film Briefs: “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and “Savages”

Film Briefs is our way of giving our opinion on films we might not necessarily have the time to review in full.  This is a column where we sum up our feelings about the last few movies we saw and throw ‘em up just to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Follow the jump to see briefs for The Amazing Spider-Man, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Savages

The Amazing Spider-Man

Really, what more can one ask for in a summer popcorn movie?

I guess hiring a director to reboot an already established super hero movie based on the appropriateness of his or her name (Marc Webb) wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

My only nitpicks with this Spider-Man were in the sappy dialogue, the failure to convey Peter Parker as an awkward nerd, and the unintentionally funny slow-mo final shot.  Overlooking all those things though, I would still put this Spidy film up there with Sam Raimi‘s Trilogy; that is to say it falls somewhere between above average and spectacular.  Also, Stan Lee‘s cameo is easily his best one yet.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

In an interview with director Benh Zeitlin had this to say about his movie, “I wouldn’t know what to call it. I’ve called it an adventure film, but that makes people think of movies that are not like this.  It’s something that you really need to see to understand what it is.

And with that being said I will only add that if you’re looking for something heartfelt, different, and majestic, and are craving an onslaught of beautiful images than go see this movie.  Now!  I for one, plan on seeing it again shortly.


And the award for most annoying voice-over narration goes to Blake Lively.  Blake isn’t the only one to get an award though.  The group award for penning this year’s most inflated and boring script to ever revolve around plot devices which should elicit some form of excitement such as kidnappings, guns, drugs, heists, and sex goes to Oliver Stone, Don Winslow, and the man responsible for adapting Armageddon to the screen, Shane Salerno.

On the plus side, Benecio Del Toro is electrifying on screen in his role as the villain, Lado.  Dude is scary.  His performance alone, bumped my subjective star rating from a 1 up to a 2.


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