Coming to San Francisco Theatres This August

August 1st: The Big Lebowski (Vogue Theatre)

Few films are powerful enough that they inspire a new religion, The Big Lebowski is. Dudeism, now an official religion is growing quickly and is similar to Buddhism.  Dudeists pay respect to not one but many historical figures such as Kurt Vonnegut, Julia Child, Buddha, Snoopy, Quincy Jones, and of course, The Dude. Point being, if you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski or if you didn’t fully grasp the power of this mighty film the first time around, you are getting a second chance.

August 2nd: The Science of Sleep (Vogue Theatre)

I love this movie.  Lucid dreaming never seemed so realized – or fun, for that matter – in film as it does in Michel Gondry‘s wildly imaginative tale of awkward romance.  The first time I saw this movie I made the mistake of thinking Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, released just 2 years prior, could never be topped in terms of sheer originality, at least as far as storytelling and practical effects were concerned.  I was wrong.  The fact that this film was made on a budget 14 million dollars less than that of Eternal Sunshine’s only makes it that much more impressive.  Did I mention that I Love this movie?

August 5th: Gone With The Wind/Citizen Kane (Castro Theatre)

Have you ever met an avid film enthusiast who still hasn’t seen either Gone With The Wind and/or Citizen Kane?  Well, allow me to introduce myself.  Hello, my name is Adam and I have still not seen either of these two films.  Go on, judge me if you must.  All this will soon change of course, thanks to the wonderful programmers at the Castro Theatre.  Finally, I get to see what all the hype is about, and I get to see it on San Francisco’s best screen, as far as I’m concerned.

August 10th: Ed Wood/Mulholland Dr. (Castro Theatre)

Hmm, what should I do Friday, August 10th?  While I don’t usually like to plan that far into the future, I do know one thing’s for certain.  I won’t be going to band practice, or any other social gathering for that matter, because I’ll be front row and center in my beloved Castro Theatre watching both my favorite Tim Burton movie and my favorite David Lynch movie as a 2-for-1 double-feature.  Oh happy day!

August 14th: The Tree of Life (Castro Theatre)

Terrence Malick is a unique artist, and displays his filmmaking ability with absolute control. This film, if you allow it, will remove your ability to think and replace it with complete domination of your emotions, allowing you to, for some time, live through it. It is a great achievement in world cinema.

August 15th: Eraserhead (Roxie Theatre)

To quote my friend and sporadic contributor of Filmbalaya, Sarah, “David Lynch‘s 1977 debut cult classic is not for the weak, but does provide one of the best dinner scenes recorded to date.”  True that, Sarah!

August 16th: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (SFMOMA)

Grimey and raw, This is one of those films that is not only amazingly scary and eerie for its time, but holds equal weight in its ability to creep you to your core today.  Seen as the granddaddy of all slasher films, this tale of two couples and a cripple who kind-heartedly pick up a deranged hitchhiker to only later be tortured and mutilated by this hitchhikers’ family will have you biting through your nails, directly into your fingertips.

August 18th: Goodfellas/The Godfather (Castro Theatre)

Here’s an offer I can’t refuse.  Scorsese‘s Goodfellas and Coppola‘s Godfather for the price of a single ticket.  While there are many great Italian mob movies out there, these two are without a doubt the Creme de la Creme of the genre.  As if you didn’t already know, these films feature the following actors giving turning in some of their best performances: Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Joe Pesci, James Caan, Lorraine Bracco, John Cazale, Talia Shire, Ray Liota, and Paul Sorvino.

August 23rd: Shadows (SFMOMA)

3 reasons to see this screening of John CassavetesShadows: 1 – It’s importance of being a highly influential American independent film can’t be understated.  As was stated by the MOMA’s website, “It was shot with a 16mm handheld camera on the streets of New York, much of the dialogue was improvised, and the cast and crew were made up almost entirely of volunteers” – and it’s actually good!  2 – If the visual esthetics do nil for you, close your eyes and let the incredible jazzed soundtrack wash over you.  Yeah, the music is that good too.  3 – Tickets are only $5 for non-MOMA members and Free for members.

August 24th – 30th: Alps (Roxie Theatre)

Giorgos Lanthimos, director of Oscar nominated Dogtooth, is back with another amazingly unique feature in Alps. The film follows a group of impersonators that rent themselves out to replace recently deceased members of a family. This obviously leads to many dark, emotional, uncomfortable and yet humorous situations.

August 24th: Compliance (Landmark)

Compliance is a well executed, gore free, real world horror story that takes audiences to places they don’t necessarily want to go while asking the question, how far will people blindly follow their leader?  It’s the story of a young employee at a fast food joint who is mercilessly interrogated after her boss receives a manipulative phone call from a man impersonating the police.  This film is made for people who can handle intense, realistic, and disturbing events that occur out of ignorance.  Boundaries will be crossed.

August 26th & 27th: 2001: A Space Odyssey (Castro Theatre)

Oh joy!  Once again it’s time to travel space and time with my trusty semetrical-seeing Captain Kubrick at the helm.  So, what’s your take on Kubrick’s Space Odyssey?  Is it “The world’s most extraordinary film” (The Boston Globe), or “A monumentally unimaginative movie” (Pauline Kael)?  Pauline, please!  I fall in the camp of the Boston Globe’s quote.  So much so, that I plan on seeing this once again for the umpteenth time – this time on my favorite Frisco screen.

August 28th: Chinatown (Castro Theatre)

This just speaks for itself. Chinatown might be the greatest detective story ever made.  Now, tell me; are you going to miss a chance at seeing the greatest detective story ever made?  I got two uncut nostrils that say you won’t.

August 31st: Lawless (Major)

To butcher a famous movie quote “John Hillcoat? They say your  films have true grit.”  They do, and I love some gritty film action.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how much I wish Shia LaBeouf was not in this movie.  Aside from him, the cast is outstanding with Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain, and Mia Wasikowska.  Also, has anyone else noticed that Jessica Chastain has quietly put together an extremely strong filmography over the past two years?


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