Robot & Frank Review & Trailer

I had the great pleasure of seeing Robot & Frank at the International Film Festival this year and what a crowd pleaser it was! From the moment I sat in those delicious seats on the balcony at the Kabuki Theater and felt the crowds excitement I knew I had chosen the right film to watch that night. I would have to say this one landed in my top 3 for the entire festival, along side of Rebellion (2011), originally titled L’ordre et la morale.   The Q&A afterward gave me insight into this emotional tale and also into the great personalities of Director Jake Schreier and writer Christopher D. Ford I think having a chance to see through their eyes the struggles and what it took to make this film a reality made me fall in love with it even more.

This simple tale of a trouble maker growing old is filled with heart, comedy, and a star studded cast. Along side of Frank Langella (playing frank) is James Marsden playing his son and Liv Tyler as his worldly daughter. If you recognize the robots voice that is because it is none other than Peter Sarsgaard. Another great performance by Susan Sarandon launches this “Futuristically realistic” story of love and heists into a great film. This is not just a silly robot movie.

Director Jake Schreier and writer Christopher D. Ford transformed a short film with an interesting concept into a feature-length film full of emotional connection and comedy. During the 20 day shoot in upstate New York, Frank & Robot came to life. Instead of bringing in computer tricks and manipulation the Robot is actually played by Rachael Ma in a suit from Alterian inc. (The same company that created Daft Punk’s famous robot heads).

Everything from the character development to the very raw way they touch on an important subject like memory loss makes you connect and care about these characters, and in the end isn’t that what it’s all about? Well that and soundtracks. A ten piece orchestra recorded in a chapel in New York is a perfectly wonderful fit and really adds a great touch to this wonderful movie experience.

In conclusion: Heists, love, comedy, fresh concept, beautiful soundtrack, and rock’n cast. Sounds like an amazing way to spend one foggy afternoon with someone special.


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One Comment on “Robot & Frank Review & Trailer”

  1. dartangnonlassy
    September 10, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    Thank you for the fantastic review Calindra; I’m really excited to see this movie, I really love Frank Langella. This whole movie looks good from the character development to the difficulty behind memory loss. I look forward to exploring the relationship Robert shares with Frank, especially how they pull off heists together; I can only imagine that there will be some sad parts, given Frank’s condition. My business travel for Dish fills up my schedule, so I don’t make it to theaters as often as I’d like, but I’ll catch Robot and Frank using Dish Online; I always have my laptop whenever I’m away from home. Watching a good movie is a nice distraction when I’m missing home.

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