Adam’s Studio Ghibli Report: Day 7 – My Neighbor Totoro

Miyazaki‘s whimsical tale of two big-hearted sisters exploring their new environment while befriending their neighbors, both human and fantastically otherworldly, is easily the most kids-friendly film of the Studio Ghibili bunch.  The irony of that is, you would think attending a 2:20 matinée screening of such a movie would attract at least one viewer under the age of 20.  No matter, the audience I was with seemed to enjoy it all the same.  I wasn’t the only one humming “To-to-ro, To-to-ro” as I left the theatre.

Sure, the plot is ridiculously simple, exposition and explanations for most everything are practically non-existent, but so what!  We, as adults, tend to over analyze just about everything.  If left to our own devices, we could probably debate the moral ambiguity found within hidden subtleties of a See Dick Run book.  The fact that this particular Miyazaki film was able to whisk me out of my adult reasoning reality like a Catbus generated windstorm speaks volumes to the power of true movie magic.

I highly doubt that Mr. Miyazaki will ever read this blog entry by little old me, but if he ever does I would just like to say, Thank you.  For 86 minutes your film transported me into a wonderous and carefree state that I haven’t felt since I was a youngster running around the house with my imaginary friends that were anything but imaginary at the time.  Thank you for rehashing not just my childhood memories, but the emotions that came with them.


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