Berlin & Beyond Film Festival 2012: Color of the Ocean

As Californians we are no strangers to the idea of immigrants both legal and illegal, deportation, and the lines between human compassion and international laws. Color of the Ocean, directed by Maggie Paren, touches on important human reactions to freedom or the lack there of.

In this interesting story of a father and son risking their lives for freedom, the topic of refugees and deportation raises many questions about loyalty and explores some very relatable emotions. Through a series of character development and transformations you as the viewer are guided into your own opinions about these very relevent circumstances.

While sitting in a coffee shop with talented movie enthusiast Adam Cuttler arguing playfully over which movies we would cover I was drawn to the word ‘refugee’ in the description of this film. I find great joy in watching movies which ask us to question our own morals and beliefs. I thrive on controversial issues and love when my opinion is challenged or even better; changed by an outstanding film. This was not necessarily one of those films that rocks your world and makes you grow as an observer of films or even as a human, but it did remind me what it means to be human.

Enjoyable scene changes and rugged atmosphere gives this film some depth, but my favorite piece of this whole movie was the topic of humans relating to each other in their very different worlds. The idea that although we may have preconceived notions about who we are and what we believe we can always be challenged by circumstances around us that in some cases even change our path.

The film was good but it was not great. Not a must see movie for me, but also not a bad way to spend 95 minutes of your life. If Filmbalaya had half stars I would have given this movie 2 1/2. Unfortunately, despite my pleas, we only hold the full star system and so I must rate this movie a 2. For all you die hard movie lovers that may not be enough to get your ass to the theater, but I’m not the end all on opinions.. go and create your own! You might find a masterpiece where I only found an interesting and challenging topic.

Showtimes for Color of the Ocean – Sunday, Sept. 30th 1:30pm (Castro Theatre)


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