Berlin & Beyond Film Festival 2012: This Ain’t California

Ok, well this actually is California, but this amazing documentary actually comes to us from Germany and man are you in for a treat. Born and raised in sunny California, I love the skaters and misfits who create such an eclectic scene. Their long hair blow’n in the wind as they whoosh by on their boards; their shirtless bodies sending messages of rebellion and giving me a sense of normality. But across the world in the 1970’s this was not an acceptable lifestyle under the GDR (German Democratic Republic), nor was this way of life understood.

Combine the story of three boys growing up in a world that was not ready to be shaken, surrounded and separated by a wall that refused to allow East and West to interact and ‘roller boarding’ and you have got yourself a story. Talk about an important and fascinating time to have endless classic footage from. Tricks, moments, fights, and everything in between is caught on tape as these kids challenge their system and their world. Revolutionizing the world through skating and finally erupting in the summer of 1989 when all of their lives changed forever.

… I’ll end with, San Francisco I adore you. Lets get out and watch some movies this weekend? I’ll meet you out there…

Showtimes for This Ain’t California – Thursday, Oct. 4th 7:30pm (Castro Theatre)


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