September Poll Results: Best Paul Thomas Anderson Film

The clear winner of last month’s poll, wherein we asked which Paul Thomas Anderson film is your favorite, was his 1997 dramedy, and this author’s personal favorite, Boogie Nights.  Having not released his newest film, The Master, until later in the month we chose not to include it in the poll.  One can only speculate how the results would have turned out had we included it.

No matter, minus that film in the running I’d say the results turned out much as I predicted they would, with the only mild surprise being There Will Be Blood not taking the top prize.  Hard Eight coming in last was certainly no surprise, being that it’s probably PTA’s least popular film.  Follow the jump to see the results

Boogie Nights – 42.86%

There Will Be Blood – 28.57%

Magnolia – 17.86%

Punch-Drunk Love – 7.14%

Sydney AKA Hard Eight – 3.57%


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