Mill Valley Film Festival 2012: “Holy Motors” and “Rebels with a Cause”

Holy Motors

I can’t reveal too much, if anything at all, as far as plot is concerned in Leos Carax‘s latest film other than to say that watching it unfold without any prior knowledge of what you’re getting yourself into will make the experience just that much more enjoyable.  My advice – for what its worth – avoid all media prior to seeing this (with the exception of this website, of course) and simply submit your senses to Carax’s highly imaginative love letter to all things cinema, enjoy the visceral tour de force, and never look back.

Rebels With a Cause

If you live in the Bay Area and totally take for granted our free access to 80,000 acres of public open space than you need to see this movie.  As far as informative documentaries go, it’s pretty much your average paint-by-numbers production.  Interviewees include an assortment of key contributors in the movement to preserve our amazing Northern California landscape (environmentalists, and politicians).  Plus, there’s even some colorful and child-like animation, which as a story telling device in documentaries almost always gets a positive crowd reaction.  After this movie has finished touring the festival circuit (if that is where it’s heading) I’m sure it will be on PBS, and clocking in at under 90 minutes, I can probably afford to spend some time with it again.

Showtimes for Holy Motors: Thursday, Oct. 11th – 6:00pm (Sequoia 1)

Friday, Oct. 12th – 3:15 (Rafael 1)

Showtimes for Rebels with a Cause: Saturday, Oct. 6th – 6:15pm (Sequoia 2)

Tuesday, Oct. 9th – 4:00pm (Rafael 1)


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