SF DocFest 2012: Capsule Reviews – “More Than The Rainbow” and “Without A Net”

More Than the Rainbow

Every artist who is inspired by the city they live in will relate to this film in where ex-cabby Matt Weber explores his own journey to becoming a street photographer.  As a photographer I envy Matt’s nostalgic style and would love to become better acquainted with his body of work.  As an actor I could see less of him.  His awkward in your face attitude allows him to get the great shots.  Fitting into this artistic mold, director Dan Wechsler seems to capture a similar style and technique. In a style reminiscent of old New York, smooth jazz permeates thru the scenes and sets a perfect back drop for this controversal conversation about photography and its mediums.

Without a Net

How does one get children off the street, away from the drug fueled economy of Rio de Janeiro, and give them purpose and drive?  Welcome to the circus.  With drug violence surrounding them, these families odds of survival and escaping poverty are quite bleak.  This documentary follows the story of four very different children as they fight for spots in both their final show and in their lives. A circus school illegally located in an abandoned parking lot, was brought to life by one man’s idea to help the conditions of the local kids the best way he knew how. But life doesn’t always depend on the success of the final show. The question is, did he make a difference?


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