DocFest 2012: Day 4 – The Final Member

In the very best sense of the word, this documentary is utterly riDICKulous (pun loudly intended).

At the age of 33 Icelandic native Sigurður Hjartarson was given a Bull’s penis as a gag gift from a friend, thus beginning a life’s work of collecting penis specimens from a mass variety of species and eventually opening the world’s first and only museum solely dedicated to this holy of holiest male organs.  As odd and interesting of a subject matter for a documentary that Hjartarson is on his own, there are a couple of even odder ducks fighting for top quack in this quirky pond of a story.

You see, anyone who is an obsessive collector of whatever it is they collect ultimately wants to feel as though their collection is complete.  For some it’s as simple as acquiring a certain baseball card, that indian head penny, or in my case, that rare Danish pop singer Tommy Seebach album on vinyl.  It just so happens that for the owner of the Icelandic Phallological Museum it’s a penis specimen of a homosapien.  That’s right, a man’s penis.  This is where the real fun begins.  Two men, both of whom could, and should, have entire reality seasons dedicated to them decide to throw their (jimmy)hats into the ring in order to be the first to have their member on display for the world to see.

Half the fun of this documentary is in learning about these two men, so I won’t spend any more time discussing them, suffice to say that one is an aging and proud Icelandic womanizer in his 90’s who claims to have slept with 300 or so women, and the other is an ego-maniac well-endowed American who does an excellent job of further perpetuating the stereotype that all Americans are obnoxious self-centered arrogant morons.

Having only known that this documentary would in some way be about penises before entering the theatre, I was hoping for a humorous film from start to finish, and even with a heavy abundance of a dramatically themed score, I was definitely not disappointed.  Directors Jonah Bekhor, and Zach Math‘s documentary kept me laughing from start to finish, making, in the end, for a successful movie and a cheerful way to spend my evening.


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