My Last Day At DocFest 2012: Day 5 – “Shooting For Home” and “OUTING”

Shooting For Home

A misunderstood poor black youth with remarkable talent for shooting hoops who never sees his dreams of making the NBA realized.  It’s the same old song, as far as this sub-genre of sports documentaries go, right?  Well, not exactly.  As it turns out, the story of Kevin Bradshaw is a bit deeper than most other B-Balling docs on NBA hopefuls who tragically, for one reason or the other, never make it to the professional level.  Although much of the focus is spent on the ups and downs of his basketball career (from breaking records to suicidal tendencies), there is a grander subtext at work here, which is that if you are able to step back and see the greater picture you might realize that what was first perceived as a missed opportunity might really be an opportunity for something more meaningful.  Inspiring, I know.

Now for my nitpick.  The sound design and music were seriously distracting with its cringe-inducing awfulness.  Because of this, towards the movie’s final moments, when emotions are running deep, rather than trying to hold back tears, I was trying to hold back from laughing at the ridiculous pandering hippy-esque song being played.


ME: “Hey guys, want to join me for a documentary about a young man who is admittedly a pedophile?”

ALL OF MY FRIENDS: “Uh, no thanks, Adam.  I think I’d rather self administer a root canal while sitting on a bed of nails.”

I admit it, pedophilia is not the most attractive subject matter to sit through, especially on a Saturday evening, which I’m hoping is the reason why none of my friends wanted to join me for the screening of OUTING.  Who knows, maybe I just have bad BO, and nobody wants to say anything.

Well friends, you’ll be saddened to know that you missed out on an exceptionally powerful and candid look at somebody living with this terrible affliction of being sexually attracted to children.  Director Sebastien Meiseyet does a fantastic job of handling this dicey subject matter, a subject matter that, according to this movie, most doctors won’t even touch.  Through one-on-one interviews and the absence of a score, or any other documentary manipulating tricks, the truths regarding this condition, or disease, depending on what you believe, are brought to the foreground.

A truly powerful film, that did a fine job of making me feel uncomfortable more than a few times while watching it.

Remaining Showtimes for Shooting For Home:

Sunday, Nov. 18th 9:30pm (Roxie Theatre)


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