Filmbalaya Double Feature @ Lost Weekend Video’s Cinecave!

This Thursday Come support your local video store by joining Filmbalaya at Lost Weekend’s Cinecave for an exciting double feature featuring tough guys with strong english accents! We start off at 7pm with Steven Soderbergh‘s cooler than cool take on underworld revenge and follow it up at 9pm with a frighteningly terrific Ben Kingsley fueled crime drama.  See ya there.

The Cinecave is located within the bowels of Lost Weekend Video, which is located at 1034 Valencia Street (at 21st).  Trailers for both films and upcoming events for the Cinecave after the jump

The Cinecave is also available for private parties. Call for more info: (415) 643-3373

Fri 11/23 – Cynic Cave Special Black Friday Edition 8p

Stand-up comedy hosted by George Chen featuring:

Emily Heller, Kevin Hawkins, Cameron Vannini,

Keith D’Souza, Sean Keane, Kevin O’Shea

& Kollin Holtz

Sun 11/25 – Bruce Willis Extravaganza! 7p & 9p

hosted by Aquarius Records

Thurs 11/29 – presents British crime dramas

7p & 9p

Fri 11/30 – TBA

Sat 12/1 – Private Party

Sun 12/2 – Shaolin Sundays! Hosted by Jesse Steinchen

Alexander Fu-Sheng Tribute 7p & 9p

Fri 12/7 – Talkies Holiday Show!    8p

A night of stand-up comedy, multimedia & short film

w/George Chen, Anna Seregina, Jesse Elias, Miles K

& Clare O’Kane

Sat 12/8 – Cynic Cave Stand-Up Comedy  8p

Hosted by George Chen featuring:

Kevin Camia, Mike Drucker, Matt Lieb, Marga Gomez

Shanti Charan, Brock Wilbur, Sofiya Alexandra

& Matt Monroe

Sun 12/9 – Giallo Shots New Classic Horror hosted by Dan S.

7p & 9p

Fri 12/14 – Fresh Like Cadaver Stand-up & Live Movie Riffing 8p

featuring Vince Mancini et al

Sat 12/15 – Cynic Cave Stand-Up Comedy 8p

Hosted by Kevin O’Shea featuring:

Red Scott, Leslie Small, Clare O’Kane, Davide Gborie

Dr. Foxmeat, Dave Thomason & Joe Tobin


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