IMAX and I: Part 2 – Skyfall

Full disclosure, as stated in IMAX and I Part 1: We at Filmbalaya have been given compensation to write a monthly feature about the IMAX experience.  This in no way means that we are selling out and are being forced to kiss some giant corporation’s buttock.  In fact, the contract we signed states nothing about us having to say anything positive within these “IMAX and I” columns.  So rest assured, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein will definitely be our own, be it good or bad.  Now that that’s out of the way…

My last IMAX experience was a tad bit underwhelming.  The screen was nowhere near being worthy of the IMAX name, and the movie was this psuedo-intellectual pile of poop portraying itself as a refreshing chocolate-covered granola bar.  Please don’t dwell too long on that metaphor, it’s not my best.

Anyway, I was not about to have another bad IMAX outing.  No, sir!  Which is why, obviously, I opted for a different movie, as well as a different theatre, and a different companion – not that the last person who I went with had anything to do with how good of an overall time I had.  You know I love ya, Tim.  This time out, however, I went to San Francisco’s Metreon theatre, where the possibilities of being engulfed by a mammoth screen were more likely to happen.  Having seen The Dark Knight Rises there I was familiar with the sheer scope of this IMAX theatre.  I also chose the latest James Bond movie, which I thought was going to best fulfill my selfish visceral needs for both action and thrills.  Turns out, thanks to my latest company, the action and thrills were to be provided in the moments preceding the movie.

It is my belief that having somehow already known that we were not going to be thrilled, or blown away with anything in Sam MendesSkyfall, that my fellow Filmbalayan, Calindra, would provide it all on her own.  Having not been able to enter the theatre because I was holding her ticket I was forced to wait outside for her as she ran “fashionably” late (women and their fashion).  As I stood there, biting my nails, knowing that the previews were probably ending, I began to get anxious.  The possibility of missing what is usually my favorite part of any James Bond movie, the opening title sequences, was on the verge of becoming a reality.  For someone who spends most of his time at the movies, yes, this anticipation was quite thrilling.

As for the action, that came as I ran (okay, walked briskly) into the theatre and had my brief one-on-one bout with my old nemesis, gravity.  In short I tripped in the dark while trying to find my seat and spilt quite a bit of popcorn.  If that’s the extent of life-threatening action and thrills to which my life has to offer than I think I’ll die a happy man.  Just like the latest Bond entry, the mellower and more predictable things that life has to throw at me, the better.  Which brings me to my review, which is actually more of a rant as to why I detested this movie as much as I did.

For more info on IMAX, including what’s playing and where, check out IMAX.comtheir facebook page, or their twitter page.

Review for Skyfall and trailer after the jump.

Aside from the excellent opening credits, can someone please tell me why immediately following a been there and done that roof top chase scene – which ends predictably atop a moving train – I was subjected to an onslaught of useless exposition, and pandering inside jokes meant to please the older crowd, mainly the baby boomers?  Even the Bond Girl exists for no other reason then to show how brutal Javier Bardem‘s Joker-esq villain is supposed to be.  It seems that rather than make a proper spy movie with exciting new action set pieces, that the people making the creative decisions opted for the safer and ultimately, duller road.

Never have I gone into a Bond film thinking, “Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what the plot has to offer”, which is why I can never remember a single complete plot of any of the James Bond movies I have seen.  So, if the plot isn’t the reason as to why I go see a 007 adventure, than what is?  Action!  And, though there were hints at the possibility of something exciting happening, it turns out it was just more of the same old song that I’ve heard and seen time and time again in far better movies than this one.

Also, recalling other movies where similar action scenes occurred while watching Skyfall, I’d say is not the sign of a good movie.  Kill Bill’s shadow fighting scene, Home Alone‘s booby traps, and everything in The Dark Knight are just a few that come to mind.

What it boils down to is unless I’m watching a film adaptation on a sounds of the ocean tape, the thought of napping during a James Bond movie should never cross my mind, especially a Bond movie on an all-sensory encompassing IMAX screen.  Yet, there I was, front row center, with all senses immersed in a film that might as well been My Dinner with Andre.

By the way, if you’re reading this, IMAX, how about it?  Can we get a Louis Malle film re-released and projected onto your mighty screen?


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One Comment on “IMAX and I: Part 2 – Skyfall”

  1. Calindra Jeralin
    November 26, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    Your review touched me on a very sad level. Spilling popcorn is very serious and should be dealt with before things get worse.
    Public service announcement: If you or someone you know has tripped like a fool hurrying to get to a movie that was a disappointment and spilled popcorn all over the dark theatre, please call Adam immediately. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

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