A Rocky Road

618_movies_rocky_10Due to my one and only New Years’ resolution of being someone who goes with the flow on a more regular basis, my initial plan of watching every Rocky movie on January 1st, sadly, was not to be.  Turns out, as hard as it is to believe, there are more important things to do during one’s day than sitting around watching 6 films about the greatest fictional sports hero ever projected onto celluloid.  For starters, there’s basic human interactions.  So, not wanting to break my New Year’s resolution within the first 10 hours, I expelled the notion of being alone with Stallone all day and conjured up the courage to embrace the new go-with-the-flow Adam.  If this meant being forced into a stress-free and super relaxed day with my girlfriend and her family and only leaving myself time to watch Rocky I through III in a single day than so be it.

Today, as I write this, it is now the sixth day of January, and I have just finished watching the last Rocky entry, Rocky Balboa (Rocky IV).  That averages one Rocky movie per day.  As the closing credits rolled and the final tear was wiped I knew I could exit this iconic series a stronger individual than I was entering it.  Thanks to Stallone’s reoccurring moral motif of believing in who you are and giving it your best I too now feel as though I have the eye of the tiger.

Rocky’s Got Jokes

Rocky speaking to Adrian: “These moths they get caught in the turtle’s throat right about here and cough right, I gotta smack them on the back of the shell and what do think they get? And they get what? Huh? Come on. Shell shock, they get shell shock.

Sure, Rocky might have wooed his future wife with his pet focused material, but his ace in the hole clearly came in the form of knock knock jokes.  Check out Rocky at his comedic timing best.

Rocky tells a Knock knock joke

Rocky tells another knock knock joke

Rocky The Romantic

Click here to see The Italian Stallion as he turns on the charm in the best proposed marriage scene ever.

Rocky The Fighter

14358355_6Let’s face it, Rocky went up against a lot of worthy and intimidating adversaries.  Trying to decide which Rocky match was the most entertaining was not easy.  While I love watching Hulk Hogan vs Rocky in part III, to me, the clear winner came in Rocky V when the champ abandoned the gloves to go fists-to-cuffs in a street brawl against Tommy Gunn.

Rocky vs Tommy Gunn

Rocky vs Hulk Hogan

Rocky The Inspirational Speaker

He may not use a vast array of adjectives, but when it comes to giving inspiring speeches he’s no bum.  Always wearing his heart on his sleeve and keeping it simple, it’s no wonder why the man could never lose.  From putting an end to the cold war to the pursuit of happiness, here are just a few of the great speeches Rock gave throughout the series.
Rocky on the pursuit of happiness
Rocky uniting Russia and USA

Rocky Montage

RockyApolloBeachEvery Rocky movie has at least one music montage, and even though Rocky IV has something like a gazillion montages, they don’t get any better than Rocky III.  The opening scene’s montage of Rocky defending his title in contrast to the rise of Mr. T‘s Clubber Lang set to The Eye of The Tiger is my personal favorite, probably because even after all these years that song is so God damned good (cheesy or not)!  Also, the best training montage comes in part III as well, as Rocky finally embraces his man love and gives Apollo the brotherly love that he so deserves.

Rocky and Apollo breaking a sweat together

Rocky as champ, and Clubber’s rise


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