SF IndieFest 2013: “Berberian Sound Studio”, “Funeral Kings” and “Wrong”

Berberian Sound Studio

BerberianSoundStudio_courtesyIFCfour-stars4It is as if David Lynch directed a film about an introverted British man getting hired as Dario Argento‘s sound editor circa 1977. While every film geek in the world is now running to get tickets, the rest of you might need some more convincing. This brilliant movie explores the relationship of sound in film, art in life, and what happens when all of those things get thrown together in a nightmare blender full of rotten produce. To put it simply, Berberian Sound Studio is a must see film.

Funeral Kings

w1ZNAf7rs_9U1Z93KxsCRrLlQlydVFD4kurohOeOvDQthree-stars15The first scene of Funeral Kings had me laughing out loud, unfortunately it was also the best part of the film. The coming of age story about a group of jr. high altar boys captures a realism about youth that many films fail to obtain but somehow still ends up full of clichés. I enjoyed watching the film and how it perfectly portrayed many situations that every young man goes through, at the same time, however, nothing in the film surprised me or did anything that another coming of age story hadn’t already done. In short, It’s an honest film that unfortunately follows the same worn out genre conventions that have been around since Stand By Me.


9f6b9819-a193-d48c-d9b1ffae92b20e42__still-sliderthree-stars15Quentin Dupieux is back and so is the cinematic concept of “no reason”. Quentin is a rebel against mainstream cinema whose cause seems to be letting people know that films don’t have to follow the Hollywood norm. It’s a stretch to compare him to the directors of the French New Wave cinema but their ideas seem similar. Why cant it be raining inside?  Why can’t a tire come to life and kill people? Why can’t the audience be watching another audience watching the same film? Wrong isn’t a great film, but it is a strange and funny film that doesn’t follow conventions. I recommend it to filmmakers, film students, and cinefiles.

Showtimes for Berberian Sound Studio: (See Trailer here)

Friday, February 8th – 9:30pm (Roxie Theatre)

Sunday, February 10th – 9:00pm (Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley)

Wednesday, February 13th – 7:15pm (Roxie Theatre)

Showtimes for Funeral Kings: (See Trailer here)

Friday, February 8th – 9:00pm (Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley)

Sunday, February 17th – 9:30pm (Roxie Theatre)

Tuesday, February 19th – 7:15pm (Roxie Theatre)

Showtimes for Wrong: (See Trailer here)

Saturday, February 9th – 9:30pm (Roxie Theatre)

Wednesday, February 13th – 9:30pm (Roxie Theatre)


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