2nd Day at SF IndieFest 2013: “The International Sign for Choking” and “Wrong”

The International Sign for Choking

ISFCwhite dress still (1)three-stars3At first glance it appears that little to nothing is happening in writer/director/star Zach Weintraub‘s low-key semi-autobiographical account of his time spent studying abroad in Buenos Aires.  Essentially – and effectively, with its use of less-is-more photography and single position framing of scenes – this is a movie about uncertainty and loneliness.

Both Weintraub and his co-star Sophia Takal exhibit that rare thing not often seen in ultra low-budget indie flicks; talent.  What a difference it makes when the people on the screen aren’t distracting me from the story being told.  I would love to see what this young filmmaker could do with a bigger budget.  From what I took away, I’m thinking something resembling the works of Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation, Somewhere).


9f6b9819-a193-d48c-d9b1ffae92b20e42__still-sliderfour-stars4It’s a given that comedies, more so than any other genre, will always be greeted with polarizing reactions.  Aside from the actual jokes and gags being presented, sometimes just the very aesthetics can alter someone’s view on whether a comedy is considered great or shit.  One has to look no further than the limitless adoration the French have for whom they consider to be a comedic genius, Jerry Lewis to see my point.

Speaking of the French, and further proving my point, Quentin Dupieux‘s latest entity plays directly into all of my comedic sensibilities, whereas I know of at least one other cinegeek, whose opinions I respect, that was not as impressed as I was.  I am quite certain that as early on into the year – no, make that decade – as we are, that I will not laugh as much as I did while watching Wrong.

Oh, I almost forgot.  As to what the movie’s about; Man loses dog and has to find him.  There you go.  Simple.  Genius.  Enjoy!


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