Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects Review

xtimthumb.php,qsrc=http://,hwww_geekenstein_com,_wp-content,_uploads,_2013,_01,_Article-Header-Side-Effects-Movie-Review_jpg,aq=90%2Caw%3D630%2Cazc%3D1.pagespeed.ic.bG1E9sY0LF&w=567&h=299three-stars15Anyone thinking of seeing Soderbergh‘s latest should be aware of the possible side effects that may occur upon seeing this movie.  These effects include, yet are not limited to:

  • Acceleration of newly formed facial wrinkles may occur in those unable to reconstruct their expressions of squinty and scrunched up bewilderment back into their normal relaxed natural state.  The reason for this potential distorted expression will most likely stem from the disbelief that a seemingly predictable dramatic and thrilling storyline has been executed in a way that most other filmmakers would have made stale.
  • Increased sexual drive.  Depending on what causes one’s boat to float this movie may cause tantalizing effects for several days to follow.  Vanquishing the imprinted images in your brain of a bare chested  sweat dripping Rooney Mara, or that of Catherine Zeta-Jones in a softcore embrace with the young Mara might prove too hard (oh yeah, pun intended) for moviegoers to overcome.
  • Already established or aspiring digital cinematographers may experience irrational attitude shifts from feelings of admiration to that of unbecoming envy.  Little doubt can be had as to the wonderous results which can be achieved when there is a close knitted relationship between cinematographer and director.  Some would speculate that the relationship between Soderbergh and his frequent collaborator, Peter Andrews, is so close that the two are one in the same (wink, wink).  Here, Andrews shoots the scenes with a sterile blandness reminiscent of prescription drug commercials, which, when considering that one of the main characters is an actual anti-depression pill, is even all the more fitting.

Those who are looking for a well thought out thrilling yarn of a good time and are willing to take these risks that I just listed above, by all means, go see this movie.


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One Comment on “Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects Review”

  1. February 19, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

    This is all we’ve come to expect from Soderbergh: A damn good time at the movies. Thank heavens for that. Good review Adam.

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